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Love Cuffs™
One Size



Lover, you're under arrest!

These strong metal handcuffs—key included—are covered in plush fake fur that feels so good when you're being so bad. Once your prisoner of love is comfortably secured in these escape-proof cuffs, what will you do? Tease them with your tongue? Feed them erotic treats? Cover them in silky massage oil? All of the above?

Ingeniously designed, the Love Cuffs' locking mechanism has a special switch to ensure the cuffs don't squeeze too tight on your lover's wrists, and they also come with a safety release in case you lose (or can't find) the keys.

These adorable restraints are playfully kinky toys that any couple can enjoy…and they also make humourous gifts for birthdays, bachelorette parties and more!

Available in Black, Red or Leopard.

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