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Perfect Pullup™


Get a complete upper body workout and strengthen your core without leaving the house!

The Perfect Pullup features adjustable swing arms, providing three exercise positions never before possible from a single pullup bar: Standing Rows, Australian Pullups and Rotational Pullups.

Unique Rotating Handles
• Engage more muscles
• Reduce Joint Strain

Adjustable Swing Arms
• Allow for 3 Exercise Positions
• Good for US Navy SEAL Inspired Workouts
• Makes Pullups Easy for Beginners

• 1 Adjustable Pullup Bar
• 2 Swing Arms
• 2 Unique Rotating Handles
• 21-Day Workout Chart

Easy Installation
• Fits any door frame from 27" - 36" wide
• Easy installation and removal (door can be closed for both)
• Handles and bar can support up to 300 lbs*

*The maximum weight supported will be lower if the door frame is in poor condition or of substandard construction or materials.

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