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H2O Iso Training System



The H2O IsoTraining System provides exercise and stress-relief almost anywhere you go. This extremely versatile piece of equipment combines the advantages of a Gym Ball, Wobble Board and Foot Massage. Use the resistive tubing and Isoballs while standing, kneeling or sitting to improve balance and joint stabilization, muscle strength and posture. Use the detachable Isoballs separately to tone and sculpt your upper body. The isocushion provides a comfortable seat and is also great for balance training. The isobonds connect the isoballs and isocushion to provide light resistance for upper body training. Plus, the reverse side of the isocushion can be used as a foot massager. Place it under your feet while at work or watching TV.

* Iso Stability Cushion
* 2 1lb Isoballs
* 2 Isobonds
* Instructional Poster
* Health Guide

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