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Yoga & Pilates Kit with DVD



The philosophies of yoga and pilates naturally work together. Yoga focuses on flexibility, strength and breathing, while pilates develops strength in the deep muscles of the abdomen, building the body's core. This complete kit offers all the fundemental accessories you need to use yoga and pilates to reach your fitness goals: a slimmer, leaner, healthier body.


* (1) 65cm anti-burst stability ball with pump: a great tool for developing abdominal, core and back muscles, and promoting proper posture
* 2 Weighted pilates toning balls, 2lbs each: good for toning shoulders, chest, back and arms through a full range of motion
* Cushioned, non-slip yoga and pilates mat is durable and lightweight. Its cushioned, sticky surface adds stability to all moves
* Lightweight yoga block provides support on challenging poses
* Resistance band is extremely effective for adding fluid, low-impact resistance to most exercises
* Yoga and pilates instructional DVD (30 minutes running time)
* 18-page nutritional facts and diet guide

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